Elements to Form a Creative Economy

WhyShareThis: Every time I watch this hour-long video, I get inspired and form new insights. Jim Yong Kim is someone I truly admire, but not just because he is the president of the World Bank Group.  In this panel where they discussed creative economy and sustainable growth, I summarized some of the ideas that interest me the most.

Intensity: Young people should go through the intensity of really wanting to get something done in situations of scarcity so that they would work harder. When going through hardship, I would constantly ask myself: "Is the situation bad to an extent that I should give up? Or, should I try pushing the limit a little bit further?" 

Discipline: To me, discipline is about when to do or not do something. Once good habits are formed and motivation is strongest, it's easy to focus and resist temptation. Without discipline, execution is slow and weak. With an intense flow of events in place, discipline helps achieve the highest level of excellence. 

A Meritocracy of Ideas: It is the soft power of organizations, societies, and nations. The time has arrived for senior people and policy makers to reflect on whether they should be giving young, talented people more trust and empowerment to fully unleash their potentials and creativity.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu5OHKA6EB8

The Creation of Future

WhyShareThis: I strongly resonate with two things he said in this 44 minute long video:

First, the future ideas have already arrived, and everything we are doing in our life is distributing it and sharing with other people and so they will participate in building it as well. Personally, I believe that the times has come for the whole world to be connected in new, meaningful formats.

Second, small teams can do really amazing and audacious things if they have a vision for what they want to see happening in the future. My comment on this is that you can never underestimate the explosiveness of a small, cohesive group of like-minded people who happen to be stubborn believers.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AckvbL5Tfic